Perform at Amica Retirement Home
on November 4th

The Oakville Oriental Art Club organized volunteers to perform at the Amica Retirement Home in Oakville in the afternoon of November 4th. This was a showcase of traditional Chinese music, dance, Tai Chi, and Tai Chi sword dance. We took this opportunity to share our Chinese tradition in respecting elderlies and to show our appreciation for the contribution that elderlies have made to Canadian society.

Performing at Amica - Unforgettable experience

(by Jane Zhong) On November 4th, our club performed an hour at Amica retirement home as our service project. The programs were well organized and our performance was brilliant!  As a M.C., I represented our club interacting with our audience. What impressed me most was their warm welcoming and applauds. After the performance, the audience was reluctant to leave. In stead, of their own accord, they all came to me and held my hands to express their appreciation. Someone told me “I like your performance, each program was spectacular. Hope to see you again soon”; some said “today is my best day, you made it”; some said “it was my first time to taste Chinese culture, so beautiful”; some said “your program was amazing and your costumes are gorgeous”; some said “I like you guys, please come back”… Especially this deaf lady who handed me her handwriting “Thanks for a great performance, come back again”, then gave me a huge bear hug. I hugged her back with tearing eyes, no word could express my feeling at the moment. What we can do is to practice harder and bring more colorful performance to enrich their life.

2019 Spring Festival Show
Good evening members of the Oakville Oriental Arts Club family and friends!
The joy of the Spring Festival is still looming in the air and the lanterns from the Lantern Festival are still shining brightly. The fireworks from New Year’s Eve celebrations are still sparkling in our hearts, and the warmth of spring is already dispelling the cold weather. On such an auspicious and festive day, we are gathered together today as a celebration of happiness and wellbeing!
Looking back only eight months ago, the Oakville Oriental Arts Club only had one dance team with ten members. Due to lack of funds, we only had the resource of a small basement to train in. Fast forward to today, we have three main departments, including dance, Tai Chi, and painting. The number of members continues to double and double. In eight short months, we have participated in and hosted eight community charity performances. Painting lessons have also gained a lot of exciting traction with students producing remarkable results in a short period of time! The club has established great collaborative relations with some of the surrounding relevant associations, and has successfully obtained the recognition and funding from government departments. Today, on behalf of the OOAC Executive Committee, I would like to express our gratitude to all the members and their families who have contributed to the growth of our organization. Thank you for your belief in our club’s philosophy, active participation, and continuous support! 
While the club is still in its infancy with relatively small size and limited experience, we believe that our strength stems from our dedicated teamwork, cohesive alignment and synergy as opposed to the scale of the organization. By committing to our principles of equality, cooperation, respect and tolerance, OOAC will undoubtedly become resilient and elite with broader growth paths and further success ahead of us. 
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